Good news: Chocolat goes video on 2012. Even better news: He will feature exclusive guests in his kitchen. So this is just a sneak preview. Above is an exclusive cake by hmmmm Cenk, a.k.a. CAFE FERNANDO. Yee-haw! If you are idiot enough you may think that this is just an ordinary carrot cake. If you are socially inapt you may not know cafe fernando. I just feel pity for you dear. Only I had the opportunity to taste this delicacy! But no problem, don’t feel sorry for missing your chance, he will feature the recipe for this delicious cake on his upcoming cookbook so that you can pathetically try to imitate him. I tasted the original you know.

So this cake, in its simple yet delightful packaging travelled from Istanbul to Bursa, and found itself in a lovely Xmas decor. Let the Xmas joy begin after this post! 

Joyeux Noël

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